Jason N. Gaylord
Jason N. Gaylord is the Director of IT and Application Development at United One Resources, a Risk Management Information Services company located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Since 2003, Jason has been an ASPInsider and has won the Microsoft MVP award for ASP.net. He is the current President of .NET Valley, the premier technology user group located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. When he's not coding, writing articles or blog posts, tweeting, or doing anything else sitting behind a monitor, he's spending time with his wife and young daughter, Arianna. For more information about Jason including various links to his social networking profiles, please visit jasongaylord.com.
My Talks:
LESS is More
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: Html | Dev

We'll go from a blank web site to a site styled using the LESS CSS pre-processor. During this session, we'll explain what a CSS pre-processor is, why they're helpful, and what other pre-processors can be used to get the same job done. We'll then jump into making a site that uses basic variables and ends with mixins. During this talk, we'll be using C# and ASP.NET. However, if you are a fan of PHP, Rails, Node.JS, or some other framework, you'll be able to use the same principals and markup.

Technology Round Table Discussion
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: Dev | IT Pro

This is a great time to discuss technology releases (iOS7, Windows 8.1, etc) and upcoming projects. Come mingle with other technology professionals. Register today!

TECHbash 2013 Planning Meeting
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: techbash

After the earlier session, if there is anyone at the event that would like to assist in planning TECHbash 2013, please stay after. We're hoping to confirm dates in the next 2-3 weeks.

Windows Phone - From Empty Project to Application
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: Dev | Windows Phone

No slides, just code. During this talk, we'll take an empty project and build a Windows Phone application. We'll cover several different techniques to handle binding and layout. If you're just starting out, this talk is for you.

An Open Web Development Platform: WebMatrix
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: Developer | Web | Internet | HTML | JavaScript | Razor | ASP.NET

Have you ever wanted to create a quick web application but didn't want to setup a machine to handle IIS or Tomcat? What about the need to switch between PHP and ASP.NET applications with ease? How about rapidly developing a prototype application using the Razor templating engine? All of these and much more can be accomplished using WebMatrix. We'll spend some time setting up and walking through a quick application and browsing the gallery in WebMatrix.

A Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Q&A Session
Length: 45 minutes
Tags: IT Pro | Developer | Windows | Windows Phone | Win8 | WP8

Have questions about Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8? Not sure how to manage the devices if you need to support them through your helpdesk? What about building applications for these devices? Bring your questions to this session and we'll try our best to get them squared away.

Office 2013 Preview: See What Office 2013 has to Offer
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: IT Professional | Office | Microsoft

So you've heard about Windows 8. But what about the next version of Office? On Monday, July 16th, Steve Balmer showed the next version of Office, Microsoft Office 2013. During this session, we'll take a look at this new build to see the tablet improvements, improvements with Sky Drive, and more.

Visual Studio 11 and ASP.NET 4.5 Beta Walkthrough
Length: 45 minutes
Tags: Microsoft | Dev | Visual Studio

Visual Studio 11 has gone Metro. But that's not the only item that changed. We'll walk  through several new features of Visual Studio 11 and new features within the ASP.NET 4.5 beta.

Tips on Using Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Length: 45 minutes
Tags: Microsoft | IT Pro

Do you have Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed? Have you struggled finding how to do common tasks? What about this whole charm thing? And why do websites with Flash not work in IE? Find the answers to this and more.

Open Space - January 2012
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: IT

An Open Space is a round table discussion where members can discuss any topic.

In our round table discussion for January, we will discuss several topics including the Consumer Electronic Show, Microsoft Kinect for Windows, and the latest news around SOPA and PIPA.

Open Space - November 2011
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: Open Space

We will have a round table discussion about various technology topics from the Amazon Kindle Fire to iOS 5 to Windows 8.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Event
Length: 120 minutes
Tags: IT Pro | Windows 8 | Microsoft

The first session will provide an overview of the operating system and show some of the new functionality of Windows 8. The second session will provide a "Hello World" approach to building Windows 8 applications.

Grow Your Website Using Orchard
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: .NET | CMS | Orchard | MVC

By now you probably have heard of a new content management system called Orchard. You may already have a CMS, but this one that’s been released by The Outercurve Foundation is different. We’ll discuss some of the features and benefits to using Orchard. We’ll also see some tips and tricks. By the end of this session, you’ll not only have an understanding of how to use Orchard, but will have a fully functional website as an added bonus.

Creating an Animated Light Show
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: Dev | C# | Misc

Ever wonder how they create cool animated lighting effects? During this talk, we'll talk about the different technologies behind it and create a lighting controller that can be programmed using a laptop and C#.

Compressed ZIP File Animated Christmas Lights

Windows Phone 7 - A Sneak Peek at App Building
Length: 30 minutes
Tags: WP7 | Mobile | Dev | Phone

During this session, we'll talk about the tools and templates to build a few Windows Phone 7 apps. We'll talk about some things we can and can't do with the current APIs and a little about the marketplace.

Don't Fear this Razor (or MVC 3)
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: ASP.NET | MVC | Razor | ASP.NET MVC | Developer

Microsoft will be releasing a new view engine with the next release of MVC. The new view engine, called Razor, is different than the current WebFormsViewEngine. In addition MVC 3 has several new features.

During this talk, you'll learn about MVC 3 and the Razor view engine.

Compressed ZIP File Dont Fear this Razor (or MVC 3)

Adding .NET Features to Existing VB6 Applications
Length: 75 minutes
Tags: .NET | WinForms | VB6 | Interop |

Do you currently support VB6 applications? Have you ever wondered how you can get over the hump and add new .NET features to your existing apps? During this talk, I'll demonstrate how you can use Visual Studio 2010 (or earlier versions) to add controls, forms, and libraries written in .NET to your VB6 applications.

Load Balancing your Web Servers using IIS 7
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: IT Professional | Developer | IIS | Load Balancing | Windows Server 2008

Have you ever wondered how to load balance IIS so that your web applications scale better? During this talk, we'll discuss several ways to load balance IIS. We'll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each and a few tips to ensure that you'll have minimal to no downtime.

Building Web Applications Using Today's Microsoft Toolset
Length: 90 minutes
Tags: ASP.NET | Microsoft

It's difficult to keep up with the changing times in technology. New emerging technologies come out and become quickly popular. Over the past few years, Microsoft has really grown their development space. They've started to build features around design and development patterns such as MVC. They've looked at ways they can put information in the hands of site visitors by adding enhancements to Internet Explorer. They've even stepped towards the unthinkable -- embracing third party tools such as jQuery. During this session, we'll take a look at all of these and more as we build a functional website showcasing these technologies.

Providing Your LINQ to SQL
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: Application Development | LINQ | SQL

One of the issues many developers have is generating a solid data layer for their applications. Microsoft realized this and developed LINQ (Language Integrated Query). LINQ can be used to provide the data layer for nearly anything including XML, Objects, and SQL Server. During this talk you'll see how to use LINQ to SQL, build Lambda expressions, and provide a complete data layer with doing very little work.

ASP.NET Membership and Profiles
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: Developer | ASP.NET

ASP.NET 2.0 introduced a few new APIs including Membership, Role Management, and Personalization. During this talk you'll learn about these APIs and various techniques to manage your users and their profiles for your web application.

Compressed ZIP File ASP.NET Membership and Profiles

Using the Design Controls in ASP.NET
Length: 60 minutes

During this talk, you'll learn how to use Master and Content Pages, the Themes folder, and more! We'll jump into both Visual Studio and Microsoft Expressions Web to show how ASP.net pages should be layed out and designed.

Real World AJAX and Preview to Microsoft Silverlight
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: Web | AJAX | ASP.NET | Silverlight

Whenever any technology is released, the most common statement I hear is "That's great. But, how will that benefit me?" During this talk, you'll see how AJAX (asynchronous javascript) can benefit you. We'll see some real world examples of how to use AJAX as well as learn some caveats of using AJAX.

Compressed ZIP File Real World AJAX

Developing Applications and Add-Ons in SBA 2006
Length: 45 minutes
Tags: Office | Small Business Accounting | Developer

During this presentation, you will receive a demonstration of creating a Visual Studio .NET add-on for Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006.

Compressed ZIP File SBA 2006 Development

An Overview of Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006
Length: 45 minutes
Tags: Office | Small Business Accounting | IT Professional

During this presentation, you will learn what Microsoft Small Business Accounting is and how to use it. We'll talk about how to use third party add-ons and services with it as well.

Compressed ZIP File SBA 2006 Overview

Understanding Membership and Profiles in ASP.NET 2.0
Length: 60 minutes
Tags: ASP.NET 2.0

Three of the most useful features in ASP.NET 2.0 is the Membership, Role Manager and Personalization providers. During this presentation, we'll pick apart each of these APIs and the controls that they contain. We'll also see ways to use this to our advantage by creating custom providers.

Compressed ZIP File Understanding Membership and Profiles

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